We are not your average hip-hop junkies.


Honey, we’re home!!!!

That’s right, Closet Junkies has finally finished “Crates & Couture”. Our home accessories, footwear, and watches, with more to come. We are excited that we can now bring the pure essence and love for hip-hop that most of us remember from our youth, into your homes. From 3pc bedding sets to 5pc panel wall art, we have you covered.

Only way to move is…….FORWARD.

We steadily progressing, growing and improving. From the bottom to the top, we changing all aspects at Closet Junkies, we are introducing new merch, gotten new family, big ups to Lord Jamar of the Legendary Brand Nubian, Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers and iconic producer and all around badass Mario Van Peebles.

We’re only getting better

So we have been contemplating a brand change and revamp. We’re stepping away from just graphic tees and apparel, we want to do whole wardrobes, and ensembles for the whole family. Hip-Hop has always had a way of either shaping the trends or staying ahead of them. Fashion, music and life all intersect at some point and can become a powerful force.

We’ve stepped up the game

We have started doing “cut & sew” couture apparel. We’ve taken our vicisoulsy dope sublimation tees and blasted them off the map. Now you can get more Junkie in your closet. Be sure to use code COOLTURE at time of chekcout.



We are excited to introduce our counterculture line “Sparksky & Dutch”. We are currently working on a comic strip with the same moniker. It’s creative spin-off of Method Man and Redman’s “Jamal and Silas”. We’ll drop more science on you in the months to come…..stay high, and stay tuned.


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We all love and grew up with Charles Schultz’ Peanuts, but wouldn’t it have been dope if they were hip-hop themes, hmmm!!



We all love Bob’s Burgers, I mean the show is flipping hilarious. So we as dedicated fans decided to create a line to show our love. (We do not own the rights to the characters of Bob’s Burgers)